Mike Lowe



Hi.  Thanks for visiting my site.  I live just outside Mount Airy, North Carolina in a log house (that I built) in a bend of Stewart's Creek.  My family has lived in this area for at least five generations.   Much of my inspiration for storytelling, music and artwork come from the very place that I call home.


I started playing guitar at the age of six. Because of my mama, I also played piano, clarinet, saxophone, trombone and tuba—anything but the guitar! Guess that’s why guitar is my first love. I perform mostly traditional roots music and original compositions.

I’ve been around stories and storytellers all my life. Both my parents and my grandparents were master storytellers, at least to a young boy.  So I’ve been telling stories (not lies) for most of my life.



The only problem is that once I started talking, I never got tired of listening to myself!

I began doing artwork as a young boy making bulletin boards for my English-teacher mother, and that got me hooked. I’ve done woodburnings, scrimshaw, engraved powder horns, reenactment accoutrements, painting, and working with leather. I started doing leatherwork at the age of 16. From the first pair of moccasins to my current efforts, my joy of working with leather has constantly increased.  I’ve made bookmarks for young readers, booties for babies, harness repairs for mules, and logbooks for pilots; I’ve done journal covers for dreamers, and Bible covers for believers.  I’ve made saddle bags, portmanteaus, fly-rod cases, wine totes, backpacks, cue-stick cases, handbags, satchels, and butterflies. The list goes on and on. My work can be found in homes around the world, on submarines, and in museums, among other places. I’d love to make something for you.